We seek the primitive and the abandoned to raise awareness for preservation or potential renewal.  This originated in my love for exploration and photography, but through Compass and Canvas that passion has focused on areas where nature is preserved and where developed areas run the potential of being retaken by nature.

In documenting protected nature, whether it is local, state, federal, or private land, we hope to remind people of the presence of such land; as well as the many benefits of keeping it available.  We advocate for the increase in protected nature.

In documenting developed areas that have been abandoned and retaken by nature we hope to remind people of the presence of such land, but for the purpose of deciding whether the land should be preserved and stabilized as a historical or natural site or renewed and redeveloped.  We support both options over allowing an area to deteriorate and become hazardous.

This passion for protecting nature is also reflected in the items sold by Compass and Canvass.  I strive to keep Compass and Canvass environmentally sustainable using up-cycled materials in the goods produced and in packaging for shipment. We also use an environmentally responsible printing company (WHCC Inc.) for printed photographs.  

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